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very strange and surprising
break up
If someone who is talking on a mobile phone is breaking up, their voice can not fully be heard.
an important discovery or development that helps solve a problem
call sb back
to telephone someone again, or to telephone someone who called you earlier
catch up
a discussion about the latest news
to fasten someone or something using a chain (also used figuratively)
contribute to sth
to help to cause an event or situation
to (cause to) shake violently with sudden uncontrolled movements
be cut off
to have a telephone conversation stopped, for example by a technical problem
to separate someone or something that is connected to something else in a complicated way
removed, especially by force, from a fixed position
to interrupt something and stop it continuing as it should
lasting longer than is usual or necessary
to suddenly end a romantic relationship you have been having with someone
to cause something to become caught in something such as a net or ropes
when someone or something is not allowed to take part in an activity or to enter a place
to and fro
in one direction and then in the opposite direction, a repeated number of times
fill sb in
to give someone extra or missing information
very modern and strange and seeming to come from some imagined time in the future
a small piece of equipment that does a particular job, especially a new type
get through
to manage to talk to someone on the telephone
go off sb/sth
to stop liking or being interested in someone or something
hang on
to wait for a short time
hang up
to end a telephone conversation
hanker after
to have a strong wish for something, especially if you cannot or should not have it
unable to be read or understood
noise or other electronic signals that stop you from getting good pictures or sound on a television or radio
making you feel very healthy and energetic
Laborious work is very difficult and needs a lot of effort.
when something or someone is released or made free
the ability to move freely or be easily moved
needless to say
as you would expect; added to, or used to introduce, a remark giving information which is expected and not surprising
off the hook
If you leave the telephone off the hook, you do not put the part of it that you talk with back correctly and it will not ring.
out of the blue
If something happens out of the blue, it is completely unexpected
pass sb over
to pass the phone/receiver to a person standing nearby, so that he/she can talk to the person on the end of the line
plunge into sth
to suddenly start doing something actively or enthusiastically
very basic or old-fashioned
If an unpleasant situation is protracted, it lasts a long time.
put sb on hold
If you are put on hold when using the telephone, you have to wait to speak to someone.
put sb through
to connect a person using a telephone to the person they want to speak to
someone who receives something
repetitive strain injury
a painful medical condition which can cause damage to the hands, wrists, upper arms and backs especially of people who use computers and other keyboards
ring (sb) back
to telephone someone who rang you earlier or to telephone someone for a second time
ring off
to end a telephone conversation and put down the part of the telephone that you speak into
run down
If a machine or device such as a clock or battery runs down, it loses power.
run out
If a supply of something runs out, all of it has been used or it is completely finished.
using satire
related to or involving sociology
speak up
to say something in a louder voice so that people can hear you
without pausing or delaying
when a bad situation changes into a good one
to experience something, especially a change or medical treatment
to remove the paper, cloth, etc that is covering something
someone who has done a job or activity for a long time