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your relatives who lived a long time ago, or the origin of your family
a period of time working as an apprentice
be up to no good
to be behaving in a dishonest or bad way
to speak convincingly on a subject you don’t really know about
a closed space at the back of a car for storing things in
break (a story)
If news or a story breaks, or if someone breaks it, it becomes known by the public for the first time.
checkout cashier
a person whose job is to receive and pay out money in a supermarket
able to be folded or made flat in order to be stored or carried
a reporter for radio or television who provides a spoken description of and remarks on an event, especially a sports competition, as it happens
when someone knows about something
the disadvantage of a situation
a disadvantage or the negative part of a situation
drive sth home
to say something clearly and with a lot of force so that you are certain people understand it
in the end, especially after a long time or a lot of effort
to not pay or reward someone enough for something
fall into sth
to start doing something, often without intending to
a system of working in which people work a set number of hours within a fixed period of time, but can change the time they start or finish work
a small piece of paper advertising a business, show, event, etc
making you feel frustrated
get sb down
If something gets you down, it makes you feel unhappy or depressed.
get into sth
to become interested in or start something
very good or to a high standard
when someone is officially accepted into a new job or an organization
having a lot of influence
kitchen hand
a person who does unskilled work in a kitchen, such as cleaning
If something is lucrative, it makes a lot of money.
all the people who want to buy a particular product, or the area where they live
Master of Business Administration: an advanced degree in business, or a person who has this degree
too willing to believe that someone is telling the truth, that people’s intentions in general are good, or that life is simple and fair
a job or activity that is very suitable for someone
describing or relating to work that begins at nine o’clock in the morning and finishes at five, which are the hours worked in many offices from Monday to Friday
office junior
a young person, often one who has recently left school, who works in an office doing mainly unskilled jobs
a shop that is one of many owned by a particular company and that sells the goods which the company has produced
If a feeling or situation overwhelms someone, it has an effect that is too strong or extreme.
a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem
an advantage, such as money or a car, that you are given because of your job
plastic surgeon
a doctor who is specially trained to do medical operations to bring a damaged area of skin, and sometimes bone, back to a usual appearance, or to improve a person’s appearance
qualities or abilities that may develop and allow someone or something to succeed
If a feeling is profound, you feel it very strongly.
refuse collector
where someone or something originally comes from
ordinary and not special or exciting in any way
a shop where you can get a particular service, especially connected with beauty or fashion
shine through
If people or things shine through, they are very noticeable.
shoot off
to move in a particular direction very quickly and directly
shelf stacker
a person who replaces and arranges products on the shelves of a shop, usually a supermarket
someone whose job is to buy and sell stocks and shares in companies for other people
to increase three times in size or amount, or to make something do this
work experience
a period of time in which a student temporarily works for an employer to get experience