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the use of the same sound or sounds at the beginning of several words that are close together
a comparison that shows how two things are similar
a light on a hill or in a tower that warns people of something or is a signal or guide
when a person or animal is kept somewhere and is not allowed to leave
cash a check/cheque
to exchange a cheque for cash
club together
If a group of people club together, they share the cost of something between them.
common ground
shared interests, beliefs, or ideas
cool off
If a feeling cools off, it starts to become less strong.
the outer limits of something
to injure someone so that they cannot use their arms or legs
to fail to do something, such as pay a debt, that you legally have to do
A desolate place is empty and makes you feel sad.
when someone is treated unfairly because of their sex, race, religion, etc
the process of giving people social or political freedom and rights
when you describe something as larger, better, worse, etc than it really is
when someone has to leave their home and live in another country, often for political reasons
feel all at sea
to feel confused
foot the bill
to pay for something
get your fingers burnt
to suffer unpleasant results of an action, especially loss of money, so you do not want to do the same thing again
an area of a city, especially a very poor area, where people of a particular race or religion live apart from other people
go up in smoke
Something that goes up in smoke fails to produce the result that was wanted
a situation or action in which people are treated unfairly
insofar as
to the degree that
very interesting
to exist in an unpleasant or unwanted situation, often for a long time
light dawns
something becomes known or obvious
A long-winded speech, letter, article, etc. is too long, or uses too many words.
a way of describing something by comparing it with something else which has some of the same qualities
A momentous decision, event, etc is very important because it has a big effect on the future.
a place that is much calmer and more pleasant than what is around it
a track which a person can walk along
put your money where your mouth is
to show by your actions and not just your words that you support or believe in something
deep wet sand that sucks in anyone trying to walk across it
to repeat what someone has said or written
said to be the true situation although this is not known to be certain and may not be likely
rhetorical question
a question that is asked in order to make a statement and which does not expect an answer
too important to be changed or destroyed
a type of rock formed from sand
keeping one group of people apart from another and treating them differently, especially because of race or sex
clear or obvious without needing any proof or explanation
describes someone who is strongly influenced by emotional feelings, especially about happy memories of past events or relationships with other people, rather than by careful thought and judgment based on facts
Something shameful is bad and should make you feel embarrassed and guilty.
shed light on
Something or someone that casts/sheds/throws light on a situation provides an explanation for it or information which makes it easier to understand
the importance or meaning of something
an image or photograph shown by a computer on a screen
a person who is legally owned by someone else and has to work for them
a very poor and crowded area, especially of a city
(of a person) to feel very hot
be tied up
When someone is tied up, they are busy or are prevented from doing something.
token (of appreciation)
a thing that you give or an action that you take which expresses your feelings or intentions, although it might have little practical effect
trade route
a route, often covering a long distance, that people buying and selling goods often used in the past
to make an animal or person become unconscious or calm, especially with a drug
poor and having fewer opportunities than most people
not fairly
when something is very important and needs you to take action immediately
used to compare two things or ideas, especially when you have to choose between them