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buy! (plural)
I am saying
he is saying
your horse (polite, using pronominal suffix)
my book (using pronominal suffix)
doxtar-e kochyketAn
your small (younger) daughter (polite, using pronominal suffix)
pedar va mAdaretAn
your father and mother (using pronominal suffix, polite)
I hit him (using pronominal suffix)
kujA dididash
Where did you see him? (using pronominal suffix)
kytAb-e xod-rA beman dAd
He gave his book to me
kytAb-e xod-rA beu dAdam
I gave my book to him
xod-e An
that very
xod-e Een mard bod
It was this very man
man xod guftam
I myself said (so)
xodam kardam
I did (it) myself