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Ready for anything.
All items are necessary. Take your place and stand firm.
Holds everything in place. Mentioned first. Essential for all the others to work.
The Truth of the Gospel. Surrounds us and holds us together.
Covered. Protection for the heart.
Our emotions protected because of our right standing with God - because of what Jesus has done for us.
Protection for the daily walk (from thorns and stones along the path). Sure footed. Able to advance.
Able to stand with assurance as well as being able to move forward and share with others.
Defence. Stops arrows and sword attack. (Remember this item also locked together to completely protect a group of soldiers.)
Protection from evil accusation. We are saved by faith.
A sign of being 'Enlisted'. Protection for the head.
We should use and protect our minds. We can be sure of our salvation which is our essential starting point.
A weapon for attack and for defence.
The 'Word' is effective for our defence as well as setting others free.
Be on one's guard (from an advancing enemy or when in a battle).
We need 'intelligence', to be aware of the enemy's tactics and awareness of the battle going on.