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To play- an instrument
io suono
I play
tu suoni
You play
lui suona
He plays
lei suona
She plays
noi suoniamo
We play
voi suonate
You (pl) play
loro suonano
They play
to sing
io canto
I sing
tu canti
You sing
lui canta
He sings
lei canta
She sings
noi cantiamo
We sing
voi cantate
You (pl) sing
loro cantano
They sing
to look at, to watch, to look
io guardo
I look at, watch
tu guardi
You look at, watch
lui guarda
He looks at, watches
lei guarda
She looks at, watches
noi guardiamo
We look at, watch
voi guardate
You (pl) look at, watch
loro guardano
They look at, watch