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Taking it easy: the consonants

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g; k - giyeok (R)
kk - ssang giyeok (shift+R)
n - nieun (S)
d; t - digeut (E)
tt - ssang digeut (shift+E)
l; r - rieul (F)
m - mieum (A)
b; p - bieup (Q)
pp - ssang bieup (shift+Q)
s - shiot (T)
ss - ssang shiot (shift+T)
ng - ieung (D)
j; ch - jieut (W)
jj; tch - ssang jieut (shift+W)
ch; ch' - chieut (C)
k; k' - kiuek (Z)
t; t' - tieut (X)
p; p' - pieup (V)
h - hieut (G)