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Hostile Mobs

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Green creature that explodes when it gets too near to the player
An undead mob
Mob with bow and arrow
Wither skeleton
Similar to a skeleton, appears in the Nether. If it hits the player, it will give him the wither effect.
Ghost that appears in the nether. If it sees the player, it will shoot fireballs which can be hit and sent back to it, causing damage.
Hopping green cube made of slime. When you kill a big Slime, it wil divide into smaller ones, wich make less damage. The tiny ones don't hurt you.
Magma cube
Similar to a slime, appears in the nether and even tiny ones hurt the player
Mob that appears in the spawners in nether fortresses. It sets itself on fire, hovers and throws fireballs at you
Small wormy mobs that hide between blocks that appear to be stone or any of its variants, but are actually monster eggs
Mob that throws potions to the player and to itself for protection
Aquatic mob that throws rays at you (even if you're on a boat) and to squids
Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
White bunny variant that has a 1 in 1000 chance of spawning, and will not despawn even if the player is in peaceful difficuty
Purple silverfish that apperars when endermen teleport, when you open an ender chest or when an ender pearl is thrown
Zombie villager
If a zombie kills a villager in Normal or Hard difficulty, it can turn into a zombie Villager. If you throw it a potion of weakness and feed it a golden apple, it will be cured.