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Aeromedical Factors

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effects on the body from insufficient supply of oxygen
hypoxic hypoxia
insufficient oxygen available to the body
hypemic hypoxia
oxygen deficiency in the blood
stagnant hypoxia
oxygen rich blood in lungs is not moving
histotoxic hypoxia
inability of cells to effectively use oxygen
excessive amount of air is breathed out of the lungs
spatial disorientation
state of confusion resulting from misleading information from sensory organs
carbon monoxide (CO)
colorless and odorless gas from combustion engine exhaust. Early symptoms include blurred vision and thinking, uneasiness, dizziness, and tightness across the forehead.
aeronautical decision making
systemic process for consistently determining the best course of action.
scud running
dangerous tactic of maintaining visual contact with the surface during low ceilings or visibility.
visual flight into IMC
dangerous tactic can lead to spatial disorientation or collision with obstacles or terrain.
neglecting checklists
dangerous practice of relying on memory for repetitive tasks.