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Please come visit me!

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Palun tule mulle külla!
Please come visit me!
reede õhtul kell kuus
on friday evening at six
Aga ma ei tea, kus sa elad.
But I don't know where you live.
Ma elan valges majas pargi kõrval.
I live in a white house by the park.
Ma tulen siis kell kuus.
I will come at six then.
Näeme siis reede õhtul!
See you on Friday evening then!
Tule laupäeval mulle külla.
Come visit me on Saturday.
Aitäh kutsumast!
Thanks for inviting!
Kas sul on sünnipäev?
Do you have birthday?
Ma niisama kutsun.
I invite for no specific reason.
Ma elan nüüd uues kohas, kino taga.
I live in a new place now, behind the cinema.
Kas selles kollases majas?
In the yellow house?
Tulen hea meelega.
I'd love to come.
No näiteks kell viis.
Well for example at five.
Teeme nii!
Let's do that!
Kohtumiseni laupäeval!
See you on Saturday!
Tule mulle kunagi külla!
Come visit me sometime!
Kus sa elad praegu?
Where do you live now?
Minu maja on selle uue hotelli vastas.
My house is on the opposite side of the new hotel.
Täna ja homme ma ei saa, aga laupäeva õhtul olen vaba.
Today and tomorrow I can't, but on Saturday evening I'm free.
Mida sina laupäeva õhtul teed?
What are you doing on Saturday evening?
Mitte midagi erilist.
Nothing special.
Tule siis laupäeval!
So come then on saturday!
Millal sa mulle külla tuled?
When will you visit me?
No homme õhtul võib-olla.
Tomorrow evening maybe.
Täna on mul teised plaanid.
I have other plans for today.
Homme kell seitse on söök valmis.
The meal will be done tomorrow at seven.
Mida sa pühapäeval teed?
What are you doing on Sunday?
Mida sa nädalavahetusel teed?
What are you doing on the weekend?
Mida sa õhtul teed?
What are you doing in the evening?
Ma helistan sulle esmaspäeval.
I'll call you on Monday.
Kas sul on laupäeval aega?
Do you have time on Saturday?
Kas sul on laupäeva õhtul aega?
Do you have time on Saturday evening?
Lähme pühapäeval rattaga sõitma.
Let's go cycling on Sunday.
Ma olen hotelli kõrval.
I'm next to the hotel.
Ma olen hotelli taga.
I'm behind the hotel.
Ma olen hotelli ees.
I'm in front of the hotel.
Ma olen hotelli vastas.
I'm opposite to the hotel.
Kohvik on raudteejaama ees.
The coffee shop is in front of the train station.
Hotell on panga kõrval.
The hotel is next to the bank.
Supermarket on haigla ees.
The supermarket is in front of the hospital.
Apteek on restorani taga.
The pharmacy is behind the restaurant.
Teater on raudteejaama kõrval.
The theater is next to the train station.
Haigla on kohviku kõrval.
The hospital is next to the coffee shop.
Kirik on kooli kõrval.
The church is next to the school.
Ma olen Tallinnas.
I'm in Tallinn.
Ma elan suures punases majas.
I live in a big red house.
Ma elan väikses linnas.
I live in a small city.
Nad elavad suures roosas majas pargi kõrval.
They live in a big pink house next to the park.
Me elame selles valges majas.
We live in that white house.