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Please, these flowers are for you

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Tule nüüd sisse!
Come in now!
Palun, need kommid on sulle.
Please, these sweets are for you.
Võta palun jope ära.
Please take off your jacket.
Kas sa armastad mind?
Do you love me?
Astu palun sisse!
Please come in!
Võta kingad ära.
Take shoes off.
Palun, siin on sussid.
Here you go, slippers.
Tule siis edasi!
Come in then!
Pane jope siia.
Put your jacket here.
Võta palun, siin on sulle pudel veini.
Please take, here's a bottle of wine for you.
Teeme kohe lahti, eks?
Let's open it right away, right?
Miks mitte.
Why not.
Kes seal on?
Who's there?
Oota, kohe teen lahti.
Wait, I'll open right away.
Need lilled on sulle.
These flowers are for you.
For me?
Söök on juba valmis.
Food's already done.
I give
I say
I call
lähen külla
I go visit
I pour
I offer
Ma helistan emale.
I call mom.
Lähen laupäeval sõbrale külla.
I will visit a friend on Saturday.
Kas ma pakun sulle kohvi?
Shall I offer you some coffee?
Kas ma valan sulle veini?
Shall I pour you wine?
Mida teile?
What would you like?
Mulle palun klaas valget veini.
I'll have a glass of white wine, please.
Kallis, kas ma pakun sulle kohvi või teed?
Dear, shall I offer you coffee or tea?
Ma ei tea.
I don't know.
Mida sa ise jooksid?
What would you like to drink yourself?
Teed vist.
Tea probably.
No siis ma joon ka teed.
Well then I'll also have tea.
Olgu, joome siis teed.
Alright, we'll drink tea then.
Tead, ma jooksin praegu pigem teed.
You know, I'd rather have tea now.
Kas sa tahaksid kooki ka?
Would you also like some cake?
Oi, muidugi!
Oh, of course!
Kas ma valan siis sulle veini, jah?
Shall I pour you some wine then, right?
Võta palun veel!
Please take more!
Aitäh, ma rohkem ei soovi.
Thank you, I don't want any more.
Ei, aitäh, ma tõesti rohkem ei jaksa.
No, thank you, I seriously can't handle more.
Kas sulle ei maitse?
Do you not like it (the food)?
Maitseb küll. Ma praegu lihtsalt rohkem ei taha.
Sure it's tasty. I just only don't want more now.
Kas sa tahaksid midagi muud?
Do you want something else?
Ei, aitäh, kõht on tõesti täis.
No, thanks, tummy is seriously full.
Ma joon õlut.
I'm drinking beer.
Ma joon teed.
I'm drinking tea.
Ma joon piima.
I'm drinking milk.
Ma joon viskit.
I'm drinking whisky.
Ma joon tumedat õlut.
I'm drinking dark beer.
Ma joon šampust.
I'm drinking champagne.
Ma joon kakaod.
I'm drinking hot chocolate.
Ma joon likööri.
I'm drinking liqueur.
Ma joon veini.
I'm drinking wine.
Ma joon rummi.
I'm drinking rum.
Ma joon mahla.
I'm drinking juice.
Ma joon viina.
I'm drinking vodka.
Ma ei taha teed.
I don't want tea.
Ma joon kohvi.
I'm drinking coffee.
Ma söön kooki.
I'm eating cake.
Nad ei joo vett.
They don't drink water.
Ma ei joo šampust.
I don't drink champagne.
Ma armastan sind!
I love you!
Ma ootan teid.
I will wait for you.
Ma kallistan teda.
I will hug her.
Me aitame teda.
We help him.
Vaata mind!
Look at me!
Kuula neid!
Listen to them!
Kas sa tahaksid teed?
Would you like some tea?
Kas sa tahaksid hapupiima?
Would you like some sour milk?
Kas sa tahaksid hapukurki?
Would you like some pickles?
Ma jooksin piima.
I would like to drink milk.
Ma sööksin kurki.
I would like to eat pickles.
Ma tahaksin kohvi.
I would like some coffee.
Ta tahaks piima.
He would like some milk.
Me tahaksime piima.
We would like some milk.
Nad tahaksid piima.
They would like some milk.
ma ei tahaks
I wouldn't want
ta ei tahaks
he wouldn't want
nad ei tahaks
they wouldn't want