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1. the eight limbs of yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali; 2. eight limbs (literal meaning)
surya namaskara
1. sun salutation; 2. a basic sequence of fundamental yoga poses
yoga chikitsa
1. primary series of ashtang vinyasa yoga; 2. yoga therapy (literal meaning)
nadi shodhana
2. second series of ashtanga vinyasa yoga; 2. nerve cleansing (literal meaning); 3. a pranayama technique of alternate nostril breathing
1. individual yoga pose; 2. position, sitting; place; dwelling (literal meaning)
1. transition between yoga poses; 2. putting together, arrangement, movement (literal meaning)
1. yogic breathing techniques; 2. extention of the life force (literal meaning)
1. a style of audible breathing (pranayama) used by vinyasa yoga practitioners; 2. victorious (literal meaning)
1. yogic techniques for the contraction of internal organs; 2. bond, lock, binding (literal meaning)
1. yogic technique of fixed points of gaze; 2. attitude, vision, point of view (literal meaning)