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la sobremesa
That moment after eating a meal when the food is gone but the conversation is still flowing at the table.
to wear or use something for the first time.
pena ajena
To be ashamed or embarrassed on behalf of someone else, even if they don't share the feeling.
vergüenza ajena
another way to say "pena ajena"
day before yesterday, a shorter version of "antes de ayer."
another way to say "anteayer"
unable to sleep or to be sleep deprived.
el/la tuerto/a
one-eyed person
sensitive to the cold
someone who is very sensitive to cold
te quiero
A way to tell someone you care about them. Particularly when romance is involved, more meaningful than an "I like you" but less meaningful than an "I love you." May be used as "I love you" in non-romantic relationships.
to have a snack or to go out for an afternoon snack.
to treat someone informally by addressing them as "tú" instead of the more formal "usted."
la querencia
a place where one feels most at home, where you are most yourself
la alharaca
an extraordinary or violent reaction to a small issue
el entrecejo
the space between the eyebrows
al punto de cajeta
"a liquid thickened to the point at which a spoon drawn through the liquid reveals the bottom of the pot in which it is being cooked”
something that belongs to someone else (also means "alien" or "foreign")
a friend with benefits
amores perros
“you win some, you lose some” (lit. “love is dogs” or “love’s a bitch”)
to become so overwhelmed by something that you get scatter-brained and do something careless
a person who does not respect others and who acts in a shamelessly cocky and annoying manner towards strangers (Chilean Spanish language)
el botellón
open-air drinking session involving groups of young people
casarse de penalti
to get married after discovering a pregnancy
el concolón
the crispy, almost-burnt-but-not-quite rice that remains at the bottom of the pan after it has been cooked
el/la concuño/a
the relationship between two men/women that marry sisters (or two women that marry brothers); it describes a familial relationship that is important even if it is not that common
la conmoción
emotion held in common by a group or gathering
el consuegro
the relationship between two men (or women) whose children are married to each other (i.e. my father and my father-in-law are consuegros)
la convivencia
unity, oneness, co-existence and harmony with one another to exist and live peacefully together
el cotisuelto
a man who wears his shirt tail outside of the trousers (Caribbean Spanish language)
el devaneo
a superficial and usually temporary romance, involving a playful behavior that demonstrates sexual attraction to someone
el devaneo
a devotion of one’s time by doing something useless
dar el braguetazo
to marry for money
el braguetazo
marriage for money
el duende
while originally used to describe a supernatural entity similar to a forest-fairy or sprite, it is the “mysterious power of a work of art to deeply move a person, or a climactic show of spirit in a performance or work of art, often applied to flamenco dancing or bull-fighting
to be too sweet ("the sensation your tongue has after eating too many sweets")
describes someone who is so affectionate it gets annoying (for a person)
two lovers so affectionate with each other it’s annoying for the rest of the people (for a couple)
to become too tied to one's mother
described someone having his “head in the clouds”, someone who is lost in thought
la gula
greed/gluttony but also "the feeling of wanting to eat just because of the taste, not because of hunger"
describes a person who performs most activities at night, with artificial light, and sleeps during the day
la merienda
a light meal eaten in the late afternoon, halfway between lunch and dinner
someone who lacks sophistication and is regarded as having poor taste or being uncouth (Mexican Spanish language)
to move the buttocks excessively while walking
one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art (Portuguese origin)
pura vida
to live a peaceful, simple, uncluttered life with a deep appreciation for nature, family and friends; a “real living” that reflects happiness, well-being, conformity and satisfaction
el sirimiri
a light rain; a fine drizzle
el/la tocayo/a
a person who has the same name as you
to travel with the knowledge that the journey is more important than reaching a destination