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grapheme-phoneme correspondences
The links between letters, or combinations of letters (graphemes) and the speech sounds (phonemes) that they represent.
Two words are this if they both look exactly the same when written, and sound exactly the same when pronounced.
Two different words are this if they sound exactly the same when pronounced.
infinitive verb
Often used after the word 'to' or after modal verbs. The form of the verb is the basic form used as the head-word in a dictionary.
The change produced when we add, for example, -ed to walk ('walked') or change 'mouse' to 'mice'. Usually has a special grammatical function (e.g. past tense or plural)
intransitive verb
A verb which does not need an object in a sentence to complete its meaning.
The language used by an individual. This can include aspects of their accent as well as lexical and grammatical variation.
lexical variaton
Specific words used by a certain group that may not conform to the Standard definition.
grammatical variation
Grammatical forms used by specific groups or regions that do not conform to Standard English rules.
A list of sounds used in a person's accent.
glottal stop
A closure of the vocal cords to replace /t/