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to have, contain, carry
to listen, to obey, to hear
to eat, to drink, to consume
to make, to do, to work on
to know
to talk, to speak, to communicate
- introduces direct object
mi moku e telo
I drink water
soweli li moku e kili
the animal eats vegetables
meli li sona
the woman knows
mije li sona e ijo
the man knows things
jan sona
someone who knows, expert
tomo moku
dining room, restaurant
sina pali e moku sin
you made fresh food
tomo sona
school, room of knowledge
tomo lipu
library, room of documents
jan sona li kute
a knowledgable person listens
kulupu lili li toki
the small group talks
kulupu ni li jo e toki sin
this community has a new language