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slaughter(also: surname Tu)
elder brother(also: brother, Kunlun mountains, brilliant)
cypress(also: cedar)
to drive
to order
to plant
to fear
button (also: to turn, wrench)
victory(also: Czech, nimble, prompt)
domestic animal(also: sacrificial animal)
Llama, Lama, woodwind instrument(trumpets, trombone, tuba, etc), onomatopoeia for rain or wind
surname Huo; suddenly, quickly; cholera
young (domestic animal); meticulous
long or drawn out(also: leisurely, at ease, to swing)
ditch(also: groove, gutter, ravine)
entirely(also: all, without exception, (literally)to be together, to be alike)
pottery(also: earthenware, make pottery, cultivate, nurture, contended, pleased)
muddy(also: turbid, to mix)
to {win, beat, profit}
run fast; gallop