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prolonged(also: large, graceful, (phonetic)'Man', handsome)
shame; disgrace
booth(vendor's stand, stall, to spread out)
grief; relative(i.e., extended family)
pole(also: stick, handle, staff, stave)
to feed; (interjection)hello
to {throw away, cast aside}
{(of time)to pass, to die}
to {dangle, hang, suspend}; {dangerous, steep, unresolved; unsettled, vague}
palace courtyard
to gather together; to pool; to happen by chance
foolish(also: idiotic, crazy about sb or sth)
oppressive; cool (loanword)
(maternal )grandmother(also: governess, old woman)
jolt(bump, fall, inversion, topple, upset, top of the head, summit)
ashamed(or shame)
sweet smell; fragrance
fan; slap (sb on the face)
melancholy; lush
to toss; to cast