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Nee, ek oefen nie sport.
No, I do not practise any sport.
Hou jy gaan na die teater?
Do you like going to the cinema?
Ja, ek hou van aksie films
Yes I like action movies
Wat doen jy wil doen tydens jou vrye tyd?
What do you like to do during your spare time?
Nee, dit is te duur in Johannesburg
No, it is too expensive in Johannesburg
Ek hou van boeke te lees en speel op die internet
I like to read books and play on the internet
Groot. Het jy 'n e-pos adres in kontak te bly?
Great. Do you have an email adress to stay in touch?
Ja natuurlik. Hier is dit.
Yes of course. Here it is.
Dankie. Ek sal jou later bel.
Thank you. I will call you later.
Nee, maar ek het 'n Skype rekening as jy wil
No, but I have a Skype account if you want