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09-B-LM Open Questions

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Wie ben jij?
Who are you?
Wie is jouw leraar?
Who is your teacher?
Wie zijn jouw kinderen?
Who are your kids?
Wat is jouw naam?
What is your name?
Wat is jouw leeftijd?
What is your age?
Wat voor werk doe jij?
What kind of work do you do?
Wat is jouw lievelingseten?
What is your favourite food?
Which (het)
Which (de)
Welke wil jij?
Which one do you want?
Welke talen spreek jij?
Which languages do you speak?
Welke sporten doe je graag?
Which sports do you like to do?
Welke muziek vind je leuk?
Which music do you like?
Waar werk jij?
Where do you live?
Waar woon jij?
Where do you live?
Waar woont jouw familie?
Where does your family live?
Waar kom jij vandaan?
Where do you come from?
Waar in Nederland ben jij geweest?
Where in the Netherlands have you been?
Waar is jouw Nederlandse les?
Where is your Dutch lesson?
Waarom leer jij Nederlands?
Why are you learning Dutch?
Waarom vind jij dat leuk?
Why do you like that?
Waardoor is dat mislukt?
Due to what did that fail?
Due to what
Wanneer is jouw verjaardag?
When is your birthday?
Wanneer is jouw Nederlandse les?
When is your Dutch lesson?
Wanneer ga jij naar Nederland?
When do you go to the Netherlands?
Wanneer gebruik jij Nederlands?
When do you use Dutch?
Hoe bedoel je?
How do you mean?
Hoe oud ben jij?
How old are you?
Hoe leer jij Nederlands?
How are you learning Dutch?
Hoe vaak heb jij Nederlandse les?
How often do you have Dutch lessons?
Hoe heet jij?
What is your name?
Hoe spel je jouw naam?
How do you spell your name?
Hoe laat is het?
What time is it?