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Postmodernists on Crime

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Postmodernists on Crime
Argued society is increasingly fragmented and this has meant people feel as a community and more likely commit crime as they have no bond with a community/ society
Process of Individualism
This is the postmodern theory where people think of themselves as individuals rather of part of society and therefore people feel less attached to society
Crime Crosses Borders
Due to globalisation postmodernists highlight that people in the UK can be victims of crimes committed overseas e.g. password hacking or fraud. This means crime is HARDER TO CONTROL
Henry and Milovanovic
Suggest that crime should be taken beyond narrow legal definitions and instead be based on the extent actions cause SOCIAL HARM. Crime shouldnt be based on what laws are broken but how much harm has been caused to society
Harms of reduction (Henry and Milovanovic)
Type of harm crime should be based on- Power is used to cause a victim to experience immediate loss or injury e.g. hit and run
Harms of Repression (Henry and Milovanovic)
Type of harm crime should be based on- When someone restricts future human development e.g. mass murder or green crimes
Believes that in postmodern society, people are regarded as consumers rather than citizens. Those who cannot AFFORD to participate in our consumer society face heavier policing and repression.
Lea criticism on Postmodernism
Lea believes postmodernism is just a rehash and rediscovery of the labelling theory and new criminology. He doesnt believe the theory provides any new ideas on crime
Argues that the breakdown of close knit COMMUNITIES has meant increasingly police are used for issues that traditionally would have been dealt by themselves
Speaks about a 'global risk society', People are very risk conscious e.g. losing jobs, immigrants taking over, climate change etc. The media often play out these fears and Beck believes it can fuel hate crimes particularly with the fear of immigrants.