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Jeg ønsker
I would like
god morgen
good morning
Jeg har noen detaljer jeg vil legge frem for Dem, dr.Humbert
I have some other details which I would like to put to you, Dr. Humbert
eg vil gerne tale med abbeden
I would like to talk to the Abbot
Jeg vil foreslå et eksperiment
I would like to propose an experiment
Hallo, alle sammen?
Hello, everybody?
Ingen i familien min pleide å hilse
No one in my family ever seemed to say hello
Hei, Billy!
Hello, Billy!
Jeg kunne trenge en ny bil
I would like to have my car replaced
Hejsa, fætre!
Hello, cousins!
Hallo, det er hjemme hos Bryce
Hello, this is Bryce' s house
Howard hilste til deg
Howard says hello
God dag, fr.Wilberforce
Ah, good morning, Mrs. Wilberforce
Jeg startet som assisterende produsent... i God Dag, Fresno
Cynthia, I started out as an associate producer... on Good Morning Fresno
God morgen, min venn
Good morning my friend
Det er alltid en god fralandsbris om morgenen
There' s always a good offshore breeze in the morning