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lo jin deh
to want (something)
hma deh
to order
ăthà pa deh
to contain meat
èh da lo jin ba deh
I want that.
èh da hma dhă la
Did you order that?
da ăthà mă pa ba bù
This doesn't contain meat.
èh da lo jin dhă la
Do you want that?
èh da theiq lo jin ba deh
I want that very much
èh da lo jin deh naw
You want that, don't you?
èh da hma deh naw
You ordered that, didn't you?
houq-kéh. èh da hma ba deh
Yes. I ordered that.
èh da mă hma ba bù
I didn't order that
èh da ăthà pa dhă la
Does that contain meat?
da ăthà pa dhă la
Does this contain meat?
da ăthà pa deh naw
This contain meat, doesn't it?