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2.3 Numbers - Cups & Glasses

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cup or glass
kaw-p'i tă k'weq
one cup of coffee
kaw-p'i hnă k'weq
two cups of coffee
kaw-p'i thoùn gweq
three cups of coffee
laìn-jù lè gweq
four glasses of lime juice
laìn-jù c'auq k'weq
six glasses of lime juice
sapa-kalin hnă k'weq
two glasses of sparkling
vin-to c'auq k'weq
six cups of Vim-to
ko-kò thoùn gweq
three cups of cocoa
mi-lo hnă k'weq
two cups of Milo
mi-lo ngà gweq
five cups of Milo