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2.4 Numbers - Portions

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helping, plateful or portion
p'is-sh-in-chiq hnă pwèh
two portions of fish and chips
beiq-bìn lè bwèh
four portions of baked beans
tost ngà bwèh
five portions of toast
tost thoùn bwèh
three portions of toast
beiq-bìn hnă pwèh
two portions of baked beans
p'is-sh-in-chiq c'auq pwèh
six portions of fish and chips
h-an-ba-ga c'auq k'ú
six hamburgers
s'ìn-wíc hnă k'ú
two sandwiches
h-an-ba-ga thoùn gú
three hamburgers
s'ìn-wíc lè gú
four sandwiches
s'ìn-wíc ngà gú
five sandwiches
bi-sa-kiq shiq k'ú
eight biscuits
bi-sa-kiq ngà gú
five biscuits
h-an-ba-ga tă k'ú
one hamburger