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4.7 Is there a toilet, 4.8 Settling Up & 4.9 Payin

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di hma ein dha shí là
Is there a toilet here?
shí ba deh. di beq hma
There is. It's this way.
mă shí ba bù. s'àw-rì naw
No, there isn't. I'm sorry.
paiq s'an
shìn deh
to clear up / to settle
cá deh
to come to / to add up to
paiq s'an shìn meh
We'll settle up now.
beh lauq cá dhă lèh
How much does it come to?
hnă s'eh lè caq ba
It's 24 kyat.
hnă s'eh lè caq là
24 kyat?
shiq s'eh lè caq ba
It's 84 kyat.
shiq s'eh lè caq là
84 kyat?
hnă ya ngà zeh ba
It's 250 kyat.
hnă ya ngà zeh là
250 kyat?
paiq s'an di hma
Here's the money.
cè zù tin ba deh
Thank you.
cè zù bèh