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5.3 Checking the Price

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pè yá deh
to have to give, to have to pay
houq teh
to be right, true
beh lauq pè yá mă lèh
How much will I have to give you?
hnă ya pè ba
Give me 200 kyats.
kaùn ba bi. thwà meh
That's good (Ok). Let's go
hnă ya naw
It was 200 kyat, wasn't it?
houq-kéh. hnă ya ba
Yes. It's 200.
houq pa deh
That's right
k'un nă s'eh ngà caq naw
It was 75 kyat, wasn't it?
kò zeh naw
It was 90 kyat, wasn't it?
tă ya naw
It was 100 kyat, wasn't it?
hnă ya ngà zeh pè ba
Give me 250 kyats.
hnă ya ngà zeh naw
It was 250 kyat, wasn't it?
houq-kéh. hnă ya ngà zeh ba
Yes. It's 250.
tă ya shiq s'eh pè ba
Give me 180 kyats.
tă ya shiq s'eh naw
It was 180 kyat, wasn't it?
have to, must
di hma t'ain deh
He sat here.
di hma t'ain yá deh
He had to sit here