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5.4, 5.5 & 5.6 Negotiating the Fare

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myà deh
to be too much
sháw deh
to bring it down
myà ba deh
It's too much.
nèh nèh myà ba deh
It's a bit too much.
sháw ba
Please bring it down
sháw ba oùn
Please bring it down more (politer)
sháw ba oùn là
Can you bring it down more?
beh lauq pè jin dhă lèh
How much do you want to pay?
beh lauq pè mă lèh
How much will you pay?
tă ya ngà zeh pè meh
I'll pay you 150 kyat.
di lauq
this much
sháw nain deh
to be able to reduce
t'à deh
to put as, make it
tă ya lè zeh pè meh. yá mă là
I'll pay you 140 kyat. Will that be alright?
mă yá bù
I can't do that. (It is not alright)
nèh deh
That's too little.
di lauq mă sháw nain ba bù
I not able to drop it by that much.
beh lauq sháw mă lèh
How much will you bring it down by?
tă ya k'un na s'eh pè ba
Please give me 170.
tă ya k'un na s'eh t'à ba
Please make it 170
ănèh zoùn
the lowest, the least
sì deh
to ride in
nèh nèh myà ba deh
That's a little steep (too much)
mă sháw nain ba bù
I am not able to reduce it.
da ănèh zoùn bèh
That's the lowest price. (only)
mă sì ba bù
I won't ride in (your taxi)
aw. di lo s'o mă sì ba bù
Oh. In that case, I won't ride in (your taxi).