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5.7. Where to Stop

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di hma yaq mă là
Will we stop here?
di hma yaq yá mă là
Will we have to stop here? / Should we stop here?
beh hma yaq yá mă lèh
Where will we have to stop? / Where should we (or I) stop?
houq-kéh. di hma yaq meh
Yes, we’ll stop here.
houq-kéh. di hma yaq pa
Yes, please stop here.
di hma mă yaq c’in ba bù
I don’t want to stop here.
lo deh
to be lacking, to be missing
lo ba deh
It lacks / Something is missing / There is some way to go
lo ba dhè deh
There’s still some way to go.
shé nà hma
just over there (ahead-vicinity-in)
shé nà hma yaq meh
We will stop just over there.