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6.2 & 6.3. Have you got…? Yes / No.

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ba ӑlo shí dhӑ lèh
What do you need?
ba lo jin dhӑ lèh
What do you want?
ba weh jin lo lèh
What would you like to buy?
pó-sӑkaq shí lá
Do you have any postcards?
bàw-pin shí lá
Do you have any Biros?
p’ӑlin shí lá
Do you have any films?
shí ba deh. di hma
Yes I have. Here.
no longer / not any more
mӑ shí ba bú
No, I don’t have.
mӑ shí dáw ba bú
No, I haven’t any more
mӑ sí dáw ba bú
I won’t ride (in your taxi) after all
keiq sá
“business” or “activity”
aw. keiq sá mӑ shí ba bú
Oh. It doesn’t matter (activity + not + exist).