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1.4 Telephone Numbers

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Teh-li-p'oun nan-baq
Telephone Number
beh lauq lèh
How much
Teh-li-p'oun nan-baq beh lauq lèh
What is your telephone number?
thoun nya
lè lè ngà ngà kò
Tel: 44559
lè lè c'auq c'auq thòun
Tel: 44663
tiq thoun nya lè thoun nya ngà
Tel: 10405
tiq hniq tiq hniq thòun
Tel: 12123
shiq shiq thoun nya thoun nya kò
Tel: 88009
shiq lè thoun nya shiq lè
Tel: 84084
ngà thoun nya ngà c'auq thòun
Tel: 50563
kò hniq kò tiq thoun nya
Tel: 92910
c'auq thoun nya k'un hniq thoun nya thòun
Tel: 60703
c'auq k'un hniq c'auq k'un hniq shiq
Tel: 67678
c'auq k'un c'auq k'un shiq
Tel: 67678 (with shortened 7)