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mӑ weh ba bù
I won’t buy it
mӑ weh dáw ba bù
I won’t buy it after all.
di lo s’o mӑ weh dáw ba bù
In that case I won’t buy it after all.
cí oùn meh naw
I’ll keep on looking. – OK?
nèh nèh myà ba deh
That’s a bit too much.
sháw ba oùn là
How about reducing the price?
beh lauq pè jin dha lèh
How much do you want to pay?
thoùn zeh pè meh. yá mă là
I will pay 30 kyat. Is that alright?
beh lauq sháw mă lèh
How much will you reduce it?
thoùn zeh thoùn pè ba
Please pay me 33 kyat.
mӑ yá bù. mӑ sháw nain ba bu
No (It isn't alright). I can’t reduce it
di lauq táw sháw ló mӑ yá bù
It is not alright to reduce it by that much.
hnă caq sháw meh
I will reduce by 2 kyat.