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9.6. How much does it cost? Is It all right?

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ăk’àn gá
rent (“room charge”)
tèh-yá da
the stay
ăk’àn gá beh lauq pè yá dhă lèh
How much rent do you have to pay?
tă nyá ngá zeh
50 kyat a night. (One night: 50)
tă nyá tă zeh
20 kyat a night. (One night: 20)
tă lá tă t’aun
1000 kyat a month.
tă lá hnă t’aun
2000 kyat a month.
èh di hma tèh-yá da ăs’in pye la
Is it acceptable staying there?
theiq ăs’in pye ba deh
It’s very acceptable
theiq ăs’in mă pye ba bù
It’s not very acceptable.