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9.7 Why Have You Come to Burma?

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keiq sá
“business” or “activity”
work, job
ălouq néh
with my job
ăyaùn ăweh
business, trading (“buying + selling”)
ăyaùn ăweh keiq sá
trading activity
a visit, for a visit
tù-riq pa
mă houq pa bù
No (“that is not correct”)
a keiq sá néh
with what activity
ba keiq sá néh la dhă lèh
What have you come for?
băma pye ba keiq sá néh la dhă lèh
What activity have you come to Burma for?
ălouq néh la ba deh
I came here with my job.
ăyaùn ăweh keiq sé néh la ba deh
I came on business.
ăleh bèh la ba deh
I have just come for a visit.
tù-riq pa bèh
I am just a tourist.