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9.10. Don’t You Find It Hot?

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climate, weather
ăne daw
just right (“living + suitable”)
mă pu bù lá
Isn’t it too hot for you?
băma pye hma pu deh naw
It’s hot in Burma isn’t it?
ya-dhi-ú-dú mă pu bù lá
Isn’t the climate too hot for you?
houq-kéh, nèh nèh pu ba deh
Yes, it’s a little bit hot.
houq-kéh, theiq pu ba de
Yes, it’s very hot.
houq-kéh, ăyàn pu ba de
Yes, it’s extremely hot (hugely)
ne ló kaùn ba deh
It’s good to live in.
ăne daw ba bèh
It’s just about right.