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10.5. My name

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my (man speaking)
bo-jouq daq poun
The General’s photograph
Ù Hlá ouq t’ouq
U Hla’s hat
s’ăyá daq poun
Teacher’s photograph
Ko Tín ouq t’ouq
Ko Tin’s hat
cănáw nan-meh
My name (man speaking)
cămá nan meh
My name (woman speaking)
(signals new subject)
cănáw nan meh gá Ko Ze ba
My name is Ko Ze (man speaking)
cămá nan meh gá Ma Ma Aye ba
My name is Ma Ma Aye (woman speaking)
cămá nan meh gá Ma Ma Aye lo k’aw ba deh
My name that I am called is Ma Ma Aye (woman speaking)
di né à deh naw
You are free today, aren’t you?
houq-kéh. măneq p’an lèh à ba deh
Yes. And I’m free tomorrow as well