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11.3. Not in Work

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mă louq pa bù ein-hmú keiq sá louq pa deh
No I don’t do. I look after the house
mă louq táw ba bù. pin-sin yu laiq pi
I don’t do any longer. I am retired.
mă louq thè ba bù. caùn teq ne ba deh
I don’t do yet. I am attending school.
ein hmú keiq sá
housework (“house affairs activity”) ̆
ălouq mă louq pa bu
He doesn’t work.
ălouq mă louq táw ba bù
He doesn’t worka ny more
ălouq mă louq thè ba bù
He doesn’t work yet.
pension, retirement
pin-sin yu deh
to take a pension, to retire
pin-sin yu laiq pi.
I have taken my pension. I am retired.
teq teh
to go up to, attend
caùn teq teh
to attend school
laiq pi
(the action has been completed.)