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12.1. Are You Married?

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ein daun
ein daun shí deh
to be married (“to have a household”)
ămyò thămì
woman lady; wife
ămyò thà
man, gentleman; husband
lu byo
a bachelor
a spinster, an unmarried woman or girl
ăpyo jì
an old spinster
lu byo jì
an old bachelor
dhwà ba bi
any longer
(“to go”) adds a suggestion of movement
ein daun shí dhă la ́
Are you married?
mă shí ba bù, lu byo jí ba
No, I’m an old bachelor.
mă shí ba bù, ăpyo jì ba
No, I’m an old spinster.
mă shí dáw ba bú
I’m not married any longer.
kwè dhwà ba bi
No. We have split up.
ămyò dhămì s’oùn dhwà ba bi
No. My wife has died.
mă shí dáw ba bú ămyò dhà s’oùn dhwà ba bi
No. My husband has died.
ein daun cá bi là
Are you married yet?
houq-kéh. cá bi
Yes, I am married yet.
mă cá dhè ba bú
No, not yet.
ein daun néh lá
Are you married? (“household-with question”)
yá zà shí ba deh
I have a girlfriend/boyfriend
kwèh deh
to split, separate, divorce
kwèh dhwà deh
to split, separate, divorce (with suggested movement)
kwèh dhwà ba bi
We have split up, separated. I am divorced. (with suggested movement)
s’oùn dhwà deh
to come to an end, to die
s’oùn dhwà ba bi
S/he has died