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12.2. How Many Children Do You Have?

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countword for people:
plural suffix:
meìn k’ălè là yauq cà lè là
Is it a girl or a boy?
meiq s’we lè
four friends
s’ăya wun hnă yauq
two doctors
ăko thoùn yauq
three brothers
thămì tă yauq
one daughter
tù-riq beh hnă yauq
how many tourists
kaw-p’i là lăp’eq ye là
Tea or coffee?
di hma là èh di hma là
Here or there?
meiq s’we de
sa eiq de
e ́h da de
those things
k’ălè shí dhă là
Do you have any children?
mă shí dhe ba bú
No, I haven’t any yet.
k’ălè beh hnă yauq shí dhă lèh
How many children do you have?
k’ălè lè yauq shí ba deh
I have four children.
k’ălè tă yauq shí ba deh
I have one child.
k’ălè ngà yauq shí ba deh
I have five children.
thà là thămì là
Is it a son or a daughter?
thà ba
It’s a son.
thà de là thămì de là
Are they sons or daughters?
thà thoùn yauq
Three sons
thămì hnă yauq
Two daughters.
thoùn yauq. thà hnă yauq, thămì tă yauq.
Three children. Two sons and one daughter
thoùn yauq. thà tă yauq, thămì hnă yauq.
Three children. One son and two daughters