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12.4 Parents, Brothers and Sisters

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ăp’e ăme shí dhè dhă là
Are your parents still alive?
ăme shí ba deh
My mother is.
ăp’e s’oùn dhwà ba bi
My father has died.
mă shí dáw ba bu. s’oùn dhwà ba bi
No, they aren't any more. They have died.
nyi ăko maun hnă mă shí dhă là
Do you have any brothers and sis-ters?
beh hnă yauq shí dhă lèh
How many (brothers and sisters) do you have?
ăko tă yauq, ămá tă yauq néh nyi-má hnă yauq shí ba deh
I have an older brother, an older sister and two younger sisters.
da gá cămá ăkoba
This is my brother.
older brother
older sister
younger brother (of woman)
younger brother (of man)
younger sister (of woman (rarely used))
hnă má
younger sister (of man (but now men can use))
nyi ăko maun hnă má
brothers and sisters
the speaker and his/her brothers and sisters;
da gá
this person.