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she is fifty five years old
she is sixty five years old
she is seventy five years old
she is eighty five years old
she is ninety five years old
she is one hundred and five years old
he was twenty three last year
she is only twenty seven now
he paid forty eight pounds for it
I bought it for thirty nine pounds
would YOU like to give sixty four pounds for it?
I saw Úna Mháire at the dance last night
Úna Mháire! An old thing like her out dancing!
She's not as old as that (that old), is she?
She is indeed (Yes, indeed)! She's forty five if she's a year.
Forty five years! I thought that she was only thirty.
It's a long time since she was thirty indeed.
Is that so? She didn't look like that last night.
you must do it now
you must get it now
you must eat it now
you must drink it now
you must read it now
you must write it now
they will have to get the money
will I have to be there?
YOU won't have to come to the school
I must go to the station
won't Seán have to come with me, Mammy?
he must put on his coat
I must get a new coat
A new coat! That one's very good
Indeed it isn't. I have it two years now
Two years! Last year you bought it, wasn't it?
No (c); two years ago this week.
That two years went by quickly.
Didn't it (go by) now? I must get a new one soon.