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Fuaime Ceachteanna 49-50

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tell your father to make it
tell your mother to make it
tell the shopkeeper (man) to make it
tell the shopgirl to make it
tell the milkman to make it
tell the postman to make it
I told your father to come in
did you tell mammy to do it now?
no one told me not to eat it
tell the children to stay out
daddy told me to get it
tell Máire to do her lessons
Did you tell Máire to do her lessons?
I did (tell), but she didn't come in yet
And what did she do?
She went off out of the garden
Run out again and tell her to do them
Oh, she's there now. She's coming inside
it's a good thing that (she) is
I see that it's broken
I see that it's done
I see that it's gone
I see that it's spent
I see that it's eaten
I see that it's drunk
I think that the children are gone now
I believe that everything is eaten
I understand that that one is spent
I don't believe that they are done
do you believe that they are all gone?
don't you see that I have that done
I'm thirsty; is there any ale in the house?
There were a couple of bottles there, but I think they're drunk now
Here are five shillings, tell Seán to get a couple
I believe Seán is gone some place
Bad enough. Can Máire do it?
She'll have to (do) that if she's there.
Don't say she's (e) gone also.