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Fuaime Ceachteanna 41-42

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haven't you a brother?
he had no son
he has one sister, anyway
has Tomás a brother
hasn't your brother a son now
they had a daughter
Who is that fellow yonder with Mícheál?
His uncle, I think so, isn't he?
I don't know, I don't know him
That's it indeed. I saw him here some other time.
I (e) never saw him (before). Where is he from?
Dublin, I think. He's on his holidays, probably
Oh, I understand
Would you like to be a big man?
I wouldn't like to be a shopkeeper
you would like to be a dentist
I would like to be at the pictures
I wouldn't like to be there now
would you like to be out there?
I'd like to be at the pictures tonight
Because there's a very good picture on
And can't you go to it?
I can't. I must do some work
Another night, perhaps?
Perhaps, if I have time