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Ceacht Daichead a Cúig – Age - from 50 to 100 year

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a year
of age / old
caoga bliain
fifty years
seasca bliain
sixty years
seachtó bliain
seventy years
ochtó bliain
eighty years
nócha bliain
ninety years
céad bliain
one hundred years
bliain is caoga
fifty one years
dhá bhliain is caoga
fifty two years
trí bliana is caoga
fifty three years
ceithre bliana is caoga
fifty four years
tá sí cúig bliana is caoga d'aois
she is fifty five years old
tá sí cúig bliana is seasca d'aois
she is sixty five years old
tá sí cúig bliana is seachtó d'aois
she is seventy five years old
tá sí cúig bliana is ochtó d'aois
she is eighty five years old
tá sí cúig bliana is nócha d'aois
she is ninety five years old
tá sí céad is a cúig bliana d'aois
she is one hundred and five years old
bhí sé trí bliana is fiche anuraidh
he was twenty three last year
níl sí ach seacht mbliana is fiche anois
she is only twenty seven now
thug sé ocht bpunt is daichead air
he paid forty eight pounds for it
cheannaigh mé ar naoi bpunt is tríocha é
I bought it for thirty nine pounds
ar mhaith leatsa ceithre phunt is seasca a thabhairt air?
would YOU like to give sixty four pounds for it?
on her
mar í sin
like her
chomh sean sin
as old as that
má tá sí
if she is
shíl mé
I thought
ach tríocha
only thirty
is fada ó
it's long since
an mar sin é?
is that so?
ní raibh a chuma sin uirthi
she didn't look like that
Chonaic mé Úna Mháire ag an damhsa aréir
I saw Úna Mháire at the dance last night
Úna Mháire! Seanrud mar í sin amuigh ag damhsa!
Úna Mháire! An old thing like her out dancing!
Níl sí chomh sean sin, an bhfuil?
She's not as old as that (that old), is she?
Tá, go deimhin! Tá sí cúig bliana is daichead má tá sí bliain
She is indeed (Yes, indeed)! She's forty five if she's a year.
Cúig bliana is daichead! Shíl mé nach raibh sí ach tríocha.
Forty five years! I thought that she was only thirty.
Is fada ó bhí sí tríocha, maise
It's a long time since she was thirty indeed.
An mar sin é? Ní raibh a chuma sin uirthi aréir
Is that so? She didn't look like that last night.