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Fuaime Ceachteanna 43-44

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don't give me the big piece
show me the small one
give me that little thing over there
get that small dress for me
don't get a big box now
I would like that big apple
Would you like some of this cake, Cáit?
Yesl, give me a small piece, please
You might as well have a large piece. Here you are.
Thanks. Did you make it yourself?
I did (make). Do you like it?
I do like (it) indeed. It's very nice.
Well (indeed), I don't know. It's not too good at all.
the children went to the chapel
did anyone go to the shop
the guard did not go to the house
they are going to school now
I saw them going to Mass
Would you like to come to the town, Seán?
I would (like) indeed. What time?
Just now. I am going to the station.
Who is coming on the train?
There is no one coming
Why are you going there so?
There is a big box there for me and I would like to get it
Oh, I understand. I would like to go with you.