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Quina hora és?
What time is it?
(Que) tens hora?
Have you got the time? (informal)
(Que) té hora?
Have you got the time? (formal)
És un quart de tres
It's quarter past two
Són les sis i cinc minuts
It's five past six
A les deu del matí
At ten in the morning
A un quart de sis de la tarde
At 5:15 in the afternoon
A quina hora comença la pel·lícula?
What time does the film start?
Quant dura el viatge?
How long does the journey take?
Hi ha alguna parada de bus per aquí?
Is there a bus stop near here?
És lluny?
Is it far?
És a la vora?
Is it nearby?
En aquesta cantonada
At this (street) corner
al final del carrer
at the end of the street
Et va bé a les set?
Is seven o'clock all right for you? (informal)
yes, hello?
Que hi ha/Que hi és...?
Sí que hi és.
Yes, s/he is here.
No, no hi és (ara)
No, s/he isn't here (at the moment).
Un moment sisplau.
One moment please.
Amb qui parlo?
Who is speaking?
De part de qui?
Who is speaking?