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A quina hora obren?
What time do they open?
Tanquen al migdia.
They close at midday.
Tenim obert fins a les...
We are open until...
Vostè és l'últim/-a?
Are you the last one in the queue? (formal)
Qui és ara? / A qui toca?
Who is next? / Whose turn is it?
(em toca) a mi
it's my turn
Toca a aquesta senyora.
It's this lady's turn.
Què voldria?
What would you like? (formal)
Què li fa falta?
What do you need? (formal)
Què vols?
What do you want? (informal)
Voldria una barra de quart, sisplau.
I would like a baguette, please.
Vull un paquet de sucre, sisplau.
I want a bag of sugar, please.
alguna cosa més?
anything else?
res més?
anything else?
Res mes, gràcies.
That's all, thank you.
Quant val?
How much is it?
Quant et/li dec?
How much do I owe you? (informal/formal)
Quant és tot plegat?
How much is it altogether?
it costs