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to wake up
aixecar-se / llevar-se
to get up
to shower
to take a bath
to put on make up
to shave
to get dressed
agafar el cotxe/l'autobús
to take the car/bus
començar/entrar a la feina
to start work
plegar/sortir de la feina
to finish/leave work
tornar a casa
to go/come home
rentar-se les dents
to brush one's teeth
rentar-se les mans/la cara
to wash one's hands/face
anar a dormir
to go to bed
to do one's hair
sortir amb amics
to go out with friends
anar al cine/teatre/concert/museu
to go to the cinema/theatre/concert/museum
escoltar música/la ràdio
to listen to music/the radio
mirar la televisió
to watch television
anar a comprar
to go shopping
fer esport
to do sport
llegir un llibre/el diari
to read a book/the newspaper
netejar la casa
to clean the house
rentar/planxar la roba
to wash/iron clothes