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terrible, violent
ἐκπαγλος η ον
I perform, do (esp. sacrifices)
ῥεζω ῥεξω ἐρρεξα
glaring from under the brows
ὑποδρα ἰδων
shamelessness, impudence
ἀναιδεια, ἡ
clothed in (+ACC)
ἐπιειμμενος η ον
ready, willing, eager
προφρων -ονος
αἰχμητης ὁ
I drive (off); I strike
ἐλαυνω ἠλασα
very fertile
ἐριβωλαξ -ακος
nurse of men
βωτιανειρα, ἡ
I hurt, do mischief to
δηλέομαι ἐδηλησαμην
mountain, hill
ὀρος, ὀρους; Ion. οὐρος -εος
shady, shadowy
σκιοεις -εσσα -εν
sounding, roaring
ἠχηεις -εσσα -εν
ἀναιδης -ες