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I trouble myself about
I turn myself around; I show regard for (+GEN)
μετατρεπομαι (+GEN)
I dwell, inhabit
ναιω/ναιομαι, ἐνασσα/ἐνασσαμην
πτολιεθρον, το
furious, much-rushing
πολυαιξ -ικος
I manage, conduct
division of spoil
δασμος, ὁ
braver, better
φερτερος α ον (sup. φερτατος η ον)
wealth, riches
ἀφενος, το
I draw, heap up (liquids, wealth)
ἀφυσσω ἀφυξω ἠφυσα
wealth, riches
πλουτος, ὁ
I put in motion against
ἐπισευω, ἐπεσσευσα; ppf for pres. ἐπεσσυμαι
the all-wise, the lord of counsel (epith. Zeus)
μητιετα / μετιετης, ὁ
you are (epic)
I take heed of