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branch, bough
ὀζος, ὁ
I bring forth, produce
φυω φυσω ἐφυσα
τομη, ἡ
I sprout, grow, thrive
θαλλω ἐθηλα
bronze, copper
χαλκος, ὁ
I peel, bark
λεπω ἐλεψα
φλοιος, ὁ
palm (of hand)
παλαμη, ἡ
δικασπολος, ὁ
laws, custom, right (what is laid down)
θεμις ιος, ἡ
I drag, draw
I draw (for myself, e.g. a sword); I launch (a ship); I protect, guard
desire, want
ποθη, ἡ
I vex, annoy
ἀχευω ἠκαχον
I help, defend
χραισμέω (+DAT)